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We are two Fiat 124 Spider enthusiasts with strange names - Csaba and Ramzi, who have decades of Fiat experience and knowledge. Having both grown up in Europe, we bring a unique ability to the Fiat 124 parts world. With our similar backgrounds, it only seemed natural to work together to form Auto Ricambi, LLC. From importing, to restoring, to racing - we have done it and successfully! At Auto Ricambi, we are Fiat 124 Spider experts. Our warehouse contains only the highest quality Fiat 124 Spider parts available in the world.

We started Auto Ricambi with the hope to fill a void. When you contact some parts vendors, often you will hear "well that's all that's available" or "I don't really know much about that" or even worse... they just make things up. You will NEVER hear that here. Our commitment is to bring options to the table. Along side our high quality parts, you will often find lower priced quality alternatives. From brake bleeder screws to timing belts, you now have choices. And we are continually adding items. You as a customer should not have to take what you can get! We started Auto Ricambi because we enjoy the cars, the people, and the challenge! We have become successful because we listen to our customers. At Auto Ricambi.... the customer is the only reason we are in business and we know that.

Ramzi is currently restoring (or resto-modding) a 1972 Fiat 124 Spider. The paint work is complete and it is now time to tackle the mechanicals. The high compression Guy Croft spec 2.0L motor is out and awaiting 44 IDF webers. While the rack and pinion is being installed along with the large brakes. At the same time, he is working on his 1966 124 Berlina / Sedan RHD... likely earliest 124 example in the US. And recently, Ramzi purchased a rare 1939 Fiat 508c Torpedo which is currently being restored.

Csaba is in the final phases of the rolling restoration of his 1971 Fiat 124 Spider. All mechanical systems have been rebuilt, many improved, the car has been painted, and the interior redone. The current project is the restoration of a Pininfarina hardtop, and future projects include the addition of programmable fuel injection and improving the air conditioning.

These cars are the testbeds for many of the products we offer at Auto Ricambi, LLC. If we sell it, we have tried it...

Ramzi & Csaba

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