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Why High Quality Fiat Spider Parts Can Be Hard to Find

Though only about 200,000 Fiat Spiders were sold between 1966 and 1985, there are still many on the road today in varying states of operation. Critics of the car have been down on the Spider's reliability and electrical problems, but on occasion the problem may be deeper. Here is why quality Fiat Spider parts have been difficult to find and what to do about it. Read More

The Appreciating Value of the Fiat Spider 124

What are the elements that make a classic car valuable? For starters, it must be a machine built well enough to survive decades. Second, it must have beautiful style. Third, investors and gearheads must be able to keep the dream alive with available quality parts. Here's why the Fiat 124 Spider fits the bill on all counts and what available Fiat 124 spider parts mean for you. Read More

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